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Edible gardening – services & experience


I work with schools and community groups to plan, establish and develop sustainable, organic food gardens. Services include:

Organic food gardening & sustainability workshops

Composting, worm farming, green manuring, growing fruit and vegetables, seed raising and saving, organic pest and disease management, vertical gardening (small plots or no soil), weed foraging, succession planting, recycling/upcycling, edible weeds.

These are just a few of the workshops we can provide. If you have something specific in mind, let me know.

Workshops can be tailored for all ages and we can assist you in relating workshops back to curriculum or project objectives.

Garden planning, design & development

Food Gardening consultations and advice for schools and community organisations including garden assessments, sensory gardens, growing advice, sourcing low cost or free gardening materials, garden development etc.

Troubleshooting & advice

Be it pests or disease, planning for a continuous crop, developing or maintaining healthy soil we can help you with common and not so common issues that might arise in your gardens.

Set up and maintenance site visits

Helping you keep your garden flourishing and your garden plans on track.

Aligning garden activities to curriculum or project objects

We can work alongside teachers and staff to support and provide advice in developing activities which align to curriculum and/or garden objectives


Dept. of Education – Environmental Education Centres

Food gardening and sustainability workshops for schools. Workshops focus on developing teachers knowledge of food gardening and sustainability. Skills learnt can be used to create or further develop school gardens and provide teachers with the confidence required to create successful school gardens.

Lesson ideas for school gardens supporting curriculum across all stages.

Food garden consultation services for NSW schools. Providing garden support for setting up and maintaining school gardens.

Syvanvale Inclusive Outdoor Classroom

Hands-on and theory-based lessons for intellectually disabled children. Workshops include composting, worm farming, insect hotels, growing citrus fruits, succulents, seed raising and saving, and bush tucker. These lessons are designed to aid the development of social skills, self-confidence, life skills, and promote children’s health and fitness via food education and physical activity.

NSW Health – South Eastern Sydney Local Health District Live Life Well @ School Program

Garden workshops supporting South Eastern Sydney Schools develop school gardens to promote healthy lifestyles.

St George and Sutherland Shire Community Centre

Organic food gardening workshops.

Good to know…

  • Current Working with Children clearance
  • Certificate IV trainer (17+ years)

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