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The Organic Gardening Handbook by Brenda Little – ISBN: 1-865-05150-0 No dig gardens, making and using organic soil amendments, companion planting, crop rotation and growing info for specific fruit and veg plants.

The Complete Book of Fruit Growing in Australia by Louis Glowinski – ISBN: 0-85091-870-7 Covers fruits and nuts for temperate and subtropical areas of Australia.

Tomatoes for Everyone – A Practical Guide to Growing Tomatoes all Year by Allen Gilbert – ISBN: 1-86447-019-4 My all time favourite gardening book. Written for Australian conditions, it provides detailed information on extending harvests, raising seeds, creating microclimates etc. Although this book is written about tomatoes, much of the information can be applied to all summer crops.

Book suppliers: The Diggers Club | Green Harvest |The Lost Seed

Websites A very comprehensive, free education program designed for primary schools to provide lessons and expert information for setting up and maintaining an organic school garden. Choosing the right plants for your climate. Cold and heat zones explained.

Gardenate: Seed sowing calendar for specific climates / regions.

Dept. Primary Industries NSW: In depth growing information for all sorts of edibles. Information specific to NSW growing conditions.

Australian heirloom and organic seed suppliers: The Diggers ClubGreen HarvestThe Lost Seed (cheaper than previous suppliers).

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